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Natural Teeth Whitening – 3 Ways to Get Whiter Teeth Naturally

Everybody wants to have whiter teeth but not all can afford the expensive laser treatment. And though gels and mint cosmetics are available, sometimes it is risky to invest in those products. That’s why plenty will resort to the natural teeth whitening.

The good thing about natural teeth whitening is first they are inexpensive, second you can apply it on your own, and lastly it can be found in your very own kitchen. Using this method won’t hurt but there are things you need to do and methods you need to avoid if you want to see some results.

Firstly, you need to observe proper dental hygiene. Regular brushing but not over brushing. Meaning, you have to follow the dentist’s advice of brushing which is 3 times a day. Right after eating cavities stay in your teeth so in order to remove them, you have to brush your teeth. But in using toothpaste, let’s say you are using whitening toothpaste; you must use just a little amount before so that it will not give you a bad result.

The next one is thru the use of baking soda. This is a very popular teeth whitener even before other whitening products have come to existence. Baking soda has active substance which helps whiten teeth. They can also help in neutralizing the acid in your mouth. Acids can be harmful to teeth because they may wipe out the calcium in your teeth.

The third one is water. Yes! Constant drinking will help you whiten your teeth. And you can also make gargle from water. Just mix water with salt and it will wash away the bacteria and cavity in your mouth. This has been proven for many years now as even the ancient people uses this method long before the existence of advanced teeth whitening. You can use it regularly as it is not harmful to the health
These three alternatives can be effective and can also be not. It depends on the severance of your teeth problem. Usually these methods are applicable only to those whose teeth are just starting to get yellow.

If for example you are a coffee and or a tea drinker you may use some other method such as teeth whitening gel. And if you are a smoker, better see a dentist for the best solution to whiten your teeth. As we know, the effect may vary from one case to another.

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