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Piano Teacher – How to Find an Effective Piano Teacher

Learning piano is fun. But this case is not true to all. One of the reasons why many piano enthusiasts stop their piano session is the piano teacher. A piano teacher plays a very big role in developing the skills of his or her students. He will be the motivator and the model of the aspiring pianists. So if you’re planning to enrol yourself or your kids in a piano class you need to see the piano teacher first.

It is very important for a piano teacher to keep motivating his or her students in learning first the basics of piano before jumping into a more complex level. A good piano teacher will use innovative techniques for motivation. Some teachers will use the reverse psychology method which, in most cases is not quite effective. They tend to discourage their students in order to get them going but this has a negative effect especially to those who are not used to this kind of motivation. This may even drive a student to quit in the course.

The next method a piano teacher might use is the punishment and reward psychology. When his or her student would complete a certain lesson there will be a corresponding reward; may it be in terms of grade or gifts. But when a student fails to complete the task then there will be an equivalent punishment for him or her. But of the two methods, the punishment and reward psychology is more effective.

This is because most musicians are very emotional and they will be motivated if there are rewards especially if the students are kids. A reverse psychology is not advisable as it may result to low self esteem for students who can’t handle criticism.

Another method a good piano teacher should implement in her lessons is incorporating fun and lively activities. Learning piano will be more effective if there is interaction amongst the students. A boring session is not an effective ground for a student and once he find it boring he will resort to many distractions just to keep himself alive during the discussion.

Fun activities will not only keep him alive and attentive to discussion, he will also be able to learn the lessons quickly. You will eventually learn how to play piano even without the theories. Just a basic overview about the piano and how it works is enough. Students will learn it more when they can experience playing the piano.

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