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Piano Lesson – Learning the Basics of Playing the Piano

Music is one of the ways that can soothe you from pain or stress. It may also be an expression of one’s feelings. And in whatever genres of music you want, piano plays a very important role in it. A song may not sound good without a piano and the piano will not create even a single sound without the pianist.

So when you’re planning to have piano lesson, there are certain things you need to consider. Learning the piano will take longer time before you will be able to at least familiarize where the keys are located, what’s the sound of each keys and where to position your fingers. Just like any other musical instrument, there are certain technicalities in playing a piano but they are very easy and once you step into the doors of piano classes or even take a lesson in the internet, you’ll find out how easy it is to play piano.

As beginner, the very first thing you need to know is your posture. When you sit in front of the piano, you need to consider your distance from it so it will be easier for you to position your fingers. And since piano is composed of many keys each have specific groups, you need to familiarize all of them. After the right positioning, you will then learn about the dual color keys – black and white group of keys. Each group comprises twelve keys and group of keys will create different scales.

When you are having piano lesson with a piano teacher, she or he will teach you the basic notes you need to know. Usually she will give you 3 notes to familiarize and the number will be progressing until you can familiarize all the keys. The complicated ones will be taught when you are able to memorize all the keys and have played basic songs in practicing the notes.

After learning to play simple songs, you can upgrade to moderately difficult songs to practice more. Since you have mastered the first steps, it would not be difficult for you to master even the most complicated notes.

The key secret towards succeeding in playing the piano don’t just rely in the ability of your piano teacher or the online lessons, it is still in your attitude. If you pay attention in knowing the basics first, you will surely find out how the stuff works. Don’t rush yourself in playing the difficult notes. Learn the basics and you’ll see your progression.

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