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Jazz Guitar – Easy to Follow Tips to Play Jazz Guitar

Jazz guitar is one of the difficult to play guitars. Learning it is quite demanding and you really need the technicality when playing it. Also jazz guitarists need to be inclined with the genre he is playing so he can give justice to the instrument and melody.

There are however easy to follow steps if you want to learn how to play jazz guitars.

The first one is to find your jazz guitar. There are many available resources where you can find one. There is the online market where it has cheaper prices. You can also have it from music stores or have it from any of your friends who have old one. It will help if you have one that is not so expensive because you are still beginning to learn from it. But eventually if you decide to play for the rest of your life then it is also ok if you are going to purchase brand new. Just make sure it’s not so costly and it is from authentic dealers and it is of good quality.

Then the next one is to find learning materials such as music books –jazz books in particular, or the best source is the internet. There are many choices in different websites and there are videos for it so it’s not so hard to look for such information. You can download the music and listen to it many times then try to mimic the kind of music they produce.

Also do some research in jazz music scale and practice it in your home if you are not attending any formal training grounds. And don’t forget to learn the techniques. Accompanying is one and the other one is blowing. Many jazz guitarist use accompanying because they can include the rhythm and chords. You also have to practice your ears with the tune of jazz music and familiarize it by singing songs of related genre then incorporate your music and listen to it so you will know if there’s something wrong with the tune so you can have some adjustments.

Lastly, have your jazz teacher. If you can’t do it well on your own then don’t hesitate to resort to the master. Sometimes it’s best to trust them with their expertise than to experiment the learning process on your own and end up not learning at all.

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