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How to Play Guitar – 3 Simple Steps for Beginners

How to Play Guitar – 3 Simple Steps for Beginners

Playing guitar is such a wonderful skill you could ever have. Aside from the fact that you can play your favorite songs when you know how to pluck the strings of the guitar, one reason why many are inclined to learn how to play guitar is the fame. Yes, in most cases especially the men, they would really find ways just to learn the basic so that they could play the guitar and get the chance to impress their women.

I remember when I was still in high school, there’s this one guy who plays guitar very well and despite the fact that he doesn’t have the great physical look, he was able to make the crowd cheer for him and from that day on he become a heart throb. See? Just by playing his guitar he captured everyone’s heart. That’s the magic of being an amazing guitarist.

So for you who wanted to grab your crush’s attention or whatever reason you may have that pushed you to learn how to play guitar here are 3 simple steps that I’m sure would help you become a good guitarist.

There are 3 things you need to have before you can master playing guitar. First you need the chord sheet, second is the guitar tab and the most important thing is the guitar. Let’s discuss why you need these things.

The most important thing you should have is of course your guitar, this is the very first thing you should bring into the guitar sessions for the very simple reason wherein how can you practice playing when you don’t have something to pluck in, right?

The next that you must have is the chord sheet. By using the chord sheet you will be able to know the right positions for your fingertips on the strings. You can browse in the internet and look for lyrics and guitar chords of your favorite song so that it will be easier for you to remember where to locate your fingertips during the execution of the play.

And the other helpful step is the use of a guitar tab. You should at least be able to know how to read the tab so that you can create the right tune. You can do the same procedure in using the chord sheet where the use of your fave song is of great advantage.
That’s just how simple learning how to play guitar should be. When you have these three then you’ll definitely be the heartthrob in your own way.

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