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Simple Guitar Songs for Beginners

After learning the basics of playing the guitar, one effective way to enhance your skill is by incorporating songs in it. it is essential to practice strumming your guitar with some simple songs which have simple chords to follow. Songs that have 3-5 basic chords are surely be a big help to your training. It will also help you familiarize the simple chords which will be your foundation before you are going to aim for the complicated chords.

As a newbie you should master the easy one in preparation for the difficult chords.  There are plenty of songs that are suitable for beginners like you. And you can easily access them through the internet. There are different websites where you can find the chords together with the tabs and lyrics so learning it would not be very hard. Whether you want love songs, reggae or pop music for your practice, the internet can give you all of it. But the most appropriate for newbie’s are love song since it does not require fast strumming wherein you will really familiarize the chords of the song. Here are some few examples.

The song More than Words sung by Westlife is one of the best option. This song has 5 simple chords such as G C D Am and Em. These are all basic chords so it is very easy to memorize. Plus, the rhythm is slow and you can even incorporate your style in it. You can opt to make it sound the way you want it.

The next song would be Way Back into Love by Hugh Grant.  This also has very simple chords which is suited for novice like you. This is a good option for those who are just learning since the chords are repeated throughout the duration of the song. This is a bit lively which is good since you will not be bored.

Another good choice is Wherever You Will Go by The Calling. This is good for those who wanted to experience slow rock music especially the boys who are just learning to play the guitar. You can actually integrate your own style by the way you strum the guitar.
These songs are very easy to learn and familiarize so you will not have a hard time practicing them. There are plenty of songs in various sites where you can choose from.

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