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Guitar Notes – Why is it Important to know Guitar Notes

One of the things a newbie should know upon learning how to play the guitar is the guitar notes. It is somewhat a pre-requisite subject in the guitar lesson. Without learning what it is, you’ll definitely not master the skill of playing the guitar.

Guitar note is one of the very first things that a beginner should learn. He must be able to read the notes in order to create a good sound. He must also be able to at least recognize the basic chords and learn it. Familiarity of the notes such as the whole, half, quarter and the eighth note are the basic ones he must learn first. This notes indicate how many counts you’ll do before you silent the guitar.

For instance, if the note is whole then you should first count up to four. Count 2 for the half and 1 for the quarter note. While the eighth note will be given a count equivalent to half of quarter notes’ beat. This simple note reading is actually very easy. It is taught to students in schools in music classes so it’s not very difficult to deal with.

But learning how to read the guitar notes is will not just cover the standard notes which are discussed above. It also includes the need to familiarize the guitar alphabet also known as the chords. The alphabet composed namely of E, A, D, G, B, F and C are the components of the chords which can either be flats or sharps.  You must know the frets as it is important for you to position your fingertips very well in it. You will learn all of it when you enrol in a guitar class or have your online lessons on guitar playing.

Reading basic notes at first and complicated ones on the latter part of the lesson is the best approach to learn note reading. This is to ensure that the player would absorb the necessary information which is vital in learning how to play the guitar. Recognizing guitar notes will not just help you how to play guitar well but it will also lead to good song writing skill.

Therefore learning how to read guitar notes will not only contribute to your success in the guitar alone, it will also be a factor on practicing or having information on how to start writing your own song.

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