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Why You Want To Get Your Ex Back?

Being a broken hearted is such a devastating feeing. You’re feeling hurt, Shattered and miserable. You wanted to laugh but you rally just can’t. Everywhere you go, you see a picture of him. Whatever you do, you are reminded of him. Seems like it’s so impossible to get over a painful break-up with the one you love.

I know that feeling, it’s painful yet you still want to hope that your ex will comeback. But making up after a break-up isn’t easy and getting him back again into your life again so quick  might hurt you again leaving crying in a corner, hopeless and broken. So before you get desperate about your plan, think a hundred times “why do you want to get your ex back?” that should ultimately be your first step before anything else.

Knowing your own motives will help you weigh things out and will give you the best result. Resulting on getting him back again is not going to help you heal the pain right now. It would be better if you ask yourself the real reason why you want reconciliation.

Do you love her enough that’s why you want to get her back? Or you just don’t want to feel being dumped because he left you. Some girls would desperately being their ex to come back because they were so attached to their ex boyfriends and they feel that no one would ever love them again. But that’s not true. your  would have decided to break-up with you because he work space or he wanted to do something from himself but absolutely not intentionally to dumped you

Then you just must also know the exact reasons why he broke-up with you then figure out what went wrong about your relationship. Do you want him back because you love him or you want him back because his giving you everything you want. Don’t be stupid! Your boyfriend is your lover, not your father. Yes, he could also give you gift’s but besides that nothing else.

Wining him back should only be because you love him or you just want him to be your partner. But if he doesn’t want you back then, so there’s no point in going after him. If he doesn’t want you anymore, move on! It’s not yet the end of the world, there’s still millions of wonderful guy’s out there whom you’ll love and definitely love you back

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