Tips to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

A famous band named “Boys like Girls” tells us that boys are like girls. Which means, when girls cry because their boyfriends dumped them, boys are hurting too. Even though you won’t admit that, it will always remain a fact. Yes, you might not cry but deep inside your heart, you’re bleeding and you want to be rescued.

You wanted her badly and you feel like you can’t do things again the way you used to because there’s something lacking. She’s everything you ever wanted and losing her breaks your heart. So I wanted to help you now. I do hope these tips will work for you. I don’t want to see you cry anyway. It would be so heartbreaking.

Firstly, you should be aware that like you, your ex girlfriend still loves you. As we know, love can’t just banish with a blink of an eye. So she still loves you and left you anyway because of some reasons that maybe couldn’t be solved if you’re together. So you don’t have to lose hope in having her back again because you can still make up on it even if you’re in a complicated status.

The second thing you should do is to use some sort of reverse psychology strategy. Play hard to get and act as if you don’t care that much for her. Your ex girlfriend would want you to chase after her. This is the normal behaviour of women in the world. They wanted to be looked after, they wanted to feel important and they wanted to be your priority above all.

The third thing is, let her go crazy thinking while you tell her that your break up was ok and that it would be for your individual growth. This will intrigue her since one of the common reasons why girls break up with their man is that men seem to be immature, so when you said such thing, she will begin to think that you’ve already grown up.
And one moment you will just realize she wants to re-connect with you.

That’s just how to play the trick to your girl. You don’t have to be so sweet because that might just irritate her. No chocolates and flowers, just a tricky plan that will make her crazy. The best thing to do is to let her miss you and to make her feel what it’s like without you.

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