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5 Tips to Get your Ex Boyfriend Back

Losing him is devastating, but it’s never too late for you to win him. Yes, he left you. But that doesn’t mean he hate you either. He might just need some space away from you or want to do some stuff without you. Either way, the fact still remains.

He left you. But you wanted her so much and you would be willing to do everything just to make him stay in you. You’re willing to give him everything he needs just for him to stay. But when he doesn’t respond, you’ll go crazy. But hey! You should not do that in the first place, don’t beg but don’t give up too.  What’s do I mean?

When you entered into a relationship with your man, you know for a fact that everything will not be perfect. So expect some roller coaster feelings by dealing your break up with him. The first thing you should do in order for him to go back to you is to evaluate yourself and try to figure out what could possibly gone wrong in your relationship. This will help you realize the things you should have done and the things you shouldn’t have.

Then you need to act as if you don’t care about him. This strategy is to make him miss you. Giving him the time to know your worth by allowing him to do stuff you both used to do but the difference is you are not there. Try not to communicate with him or if you do, act like a tough one and not so excited. You can make him think about what you are doing now that you are not looking for him.

Then you should stop your bad attitude. What’s that bad attitude I am referring to? These attitudes include your being demanding and clingy. Men don’t want their girlfriends to cling at them all the time. They want independent girls. They don’t want you begging for affection from them.

Another thing is they don’t like you to act someone you’re not. You don’t have to pretend who you really are. You need to show him the real you. At all times, being yourself will really be the best factor you should remember. Because when he courted you at the beginning he already love the way you are so you don’t have to copy others personality just to catch his attention.

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