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Get Your Ex Back Today or Never Have Her Anymore

When you’re boyfriend broke your heart and he have hurt you so much, it gives you heartache, pain and misery. You’re world seems shattered. You feel like no one else would ever love you again because you’re already broken. There are so many things that are running in your mind. You find yourself then in the desperate mode, wanting him back today.

Winning your ex’s heart is a lot harder than winning his heart the first time you met. Why? Because he already knew you yet he still left you right? So what’s left for you to do is to prove yourself to him. But how can you prove yourself when you’re not together, well, that makes sense.

You might have to do some re-engineering in yourself, that way he’ll see how amazing you are without him. If you are not used in going out like attending to parties or socializing with other people, this might be the right time for you to do it. He would surely love you more if he sees that you are better even after your break up. As boys would not want their girlfriends to cling on them too much, you need to know how to stand on your own and show him you’re strong. Sometimes reverse psychology is a great strategy to do.

Then, you might also need to give him the space he wanted. They say “absence makes the love grow fonder” so try it yourself and prove it. The problem when you are always together is, you don’t give each other the chance to grow and to enjoy life on your own, and your companionship may be getting boring. This is not a healthy thing. In order for you to have the right relationship, you must first need to be the right person and you can only do that on your own.

And lastly, be the person he love way back the time he courted you. When he courted you before, he already loved you because you are you. And this should be restored. This is one of the conflicts between lovers since girls would tend to act differently as time progresses. She tends to get more insecure and paranoid.
Thus, in order for you to win back your ex’s heart, you must be able to evaluate yourself so that you’ll know if you have done something wrong, you need to develop yourself in a positive way and lastly retain the things your ex wanted in you.

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