3 Things You Should Say to Your Ex

One of the common mistakes that broken hearted people do after a pain full break up is to get drunk and get wild in a bar. This is their way of escaping the reality that his girlfriend broke his heart. Yes, it is understandable that he just want to forget how painful the break up was.

When you’re drunk you tend to say things you are not supposed to say so, you act very differently. So instead of saving you relationship with the one you love, you end up regretting the things you’ve said over the phone while you were drunk which could be very upsetting.

There are three things you should know in order to win your ex girlfriends heart. Firstly, you need to tell her you wanted her back that’s it. Girls would love to be persuaded by his men so that she’ll feel very special. But no matter what you do, if she doesn’t want you anymore then that is the end of the story.

However, you want to still give it a try right? So you need to please her in whatever way she wants. But of course you have to guess it. Girls would love to see their man guessing about what she wanted to hear. Kidding aside, you need to tell her that you appreciate her presence into your life. The next thing is to admit to her your mistakes. Remember the saying “it takes a great courage to admit that you were wrong”.

Telling her you are sorry is a very good indication that you are not likely to repeat the same mistake anymore because you want to win her back for keeps.

Then the last one would be, telling her how much you wanted to have a future with her. Most if not all girls, enters into a relationship because they wanted to spend their future with that particular man. And if you tell her that, you are indicating that you have the same feelings for her and you wanted to build a family with her. Of course, who would not want to be back in your arms if she knew you wouldn’t leave her in the future.

Every girl wants to feel secure and loved. So just do the tips and you’ll find her loving you more.

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