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SEO Copywriting – 5 Elements to Increase your Page Rank

SEO copywriting or search engine optimization copywriting is more likely the same with copywriting in the sense that it promotes something. However, its primary purpose is to rank in search items with the optimized keywords that it contains. These specific keywords need to be in a well written form so that the audience will click it. In order to increase your page rank you need to use optimized keywords, so I listed the five most important elements for SEO copywriting.

Firstly, you have to pay attention to your title. The title of your article will determine the strength of the content. Viewers would look on your web page if the title of your page contains the keywords they are looking for. Meaning, your title must contain the specific keywords viewers’ are most likely to search.

The next one is the meta-description. This description appears on the lower part of your title in the search result pages of the web. This is one of the factors that will contribute for you page rank since viewers are interested in the content of your title which means that if your meta-description can magnetize your viewer’s attention then you will get a click.

The third one is you content. Your content must tackle all the important details about your title and keywords. It must be informative, concise, unique and catchy. It must give your reader the points that he wanted to know.

The other one is the frequency of keywords. You must be very wary on how many times the keywords will appear in your page. It must not be too many in order to avoid spammy article.

And the last one is the linking capacity of your article. An article which links to other pages of your site or other sites will give your viewers a lot of information that they need. Linking out to other sources will increase your page rank since search engines would love to know you are well connected to other sources. When a particular viewer links out to other pages of your web or other sites, he or she gets more information and references of the topics discussed.

Hence, having these five elements will be substantial to get a high rank in page ranking. If these are carefully followed and perfectly applied in your web content then there’s no doubt for you to have a successful website. A quality and easy to search content is what people needed.

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