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Copywriting Rates – Know the Real Worth of Your Work

Copywriting is undeniably a very good job. It seemed to be the one with the highest paying rates to the writers. There are several types of copywriting rates; one is per page, the other per word count and the other one is per hour basis.

These rates have high equivalent that’s why many said people who work under this job gets a very high salary. Yes, for some it’s true but for the many content writers out there, just a dollar would be enough. Reality really bites, particularly to those who hire writers but pay a very small amount to them.

Writers from all over the world must have a compensating income if they get the real rate from their work. But the problem with most writers is that, they get a very low rate. A quality 400-600 word article has an ideal rate of $180 where in some instances; employers pay their writers at the rate of $1 -$5 per 400-600 word article, which means that few got a good rate but many gets the low rate.

This one example is a sad reality that a copywriter is dealing. Low rates in exchange of a tiring and stressing work. But what can they do when circumstances push them to take this job opportunity at the expense of being underpaid. Those big sharks get the benefit in terms of payment and prestige while their poor writers just get the single dollar they are paying and not even thanked for the work they have done.

But despite the fact of being underpaid, many writers particularly freelancers still want to write because of one reason; it is their source of living. How can they leave this work when this is the only thing they know? Having a dollar on each page that you wrote isn’t that bad at all, it is a big help especially to those who are in need. After all, who in this world would give you that amount, no one right?

Now, it’s time for you to evaluate your rates. You know for a fact that your work is worth something or it must be worth more than what you are earning. So before you venture into this copywriting world, make sure that you have prepared yourself from some sort of underpayment and to be contented of what you have. But just hope, that one day, you’ll be able to get the rate you really deserve.

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